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BD-001 Flying penis
Availability: ON STOCK
Dated: 1375-1425

Finding place: Holland (many similiar were found)

Details: h.:33mm w.:39mm

Meaning: penis was supposed to bring luck in love. Many presentations of penis with different addings were found. This one means “I’m a macho”. (you can see atributes like crown, bell and wings.)
6,00 €
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Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1250-1450
Size: A - 1,6 cm; B - 1,6 cm
Source: Archeological find from London.
Dated: 1325-1400
Finding place: Dordrecht, Groningen, Westenschouwen, Slums, Gdańsk (Poland)
Place of provenance?: Koln (Germany)
Details: h.:37mm w.30mm
Dated: 1250-1420
Size : Inner diameter: 1,8 cm; External diameter: 3,2 cm
Source: Many archeological findings from Germany (Badingen, Uenze); England; Poland (Słupnica, Ostrów Lednicki, Kołobrzeg).
Spearhead. Blunted and bolded.
Dated: 13-15 cent.
Details: lenght: 20cm width: 2,7cm diameter: 2,3cm
Dating: 12-13 cent.
Height: ca. 8 cm
Diameter: ca. 9 cm
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