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M-201 Belt mount or strapend
4,00 €
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P-005 Mug with handle - Siegburg stoneware
Availability: ON STOCK
Dating: 1350-1500
Height: ca. 14 cm
Diameter: ca. 7 cm
Capacity: ca 0,5 l
Source: Archeological find from Germany.
Analogical finds from western and central Europe.
25,00 €
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Double loop oval buckle. Buckle for shoes, garters
Dated: 1350-1650
Size: A-1,2 cm (0,5''); C-1,4 cm (0,55''); D-2,3 cm (0,9'')
Source: Find from England, R. Whitehead
Dated: 1250-1450
Size: A - 1,6 cm; B - 1,6 cm
Source: Archeological find from London.
Dating: 1380-1500
Height: ca. 23 cm
Outflow diameter: ca. 6 cm
Capacity: ca. 1,4 l
Source: Archeological find from Germany (Siegburg). Analogical finds from Germany, England, Poland
Brass rivet, full, rounded head
Size: length of pin - 20 mm, diameter - 1,2 mm
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