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KS-082A Medieval knife with wooden handle
95,00 €
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M-19 Knightly girdle mount
Availability: for order - up to 20 days

Knightly girdle mount

Dated: 1350-1450

Source: Iconography - tombstones. Tombstones form Poland and Silesia.
Tombstones form Germany: Rudolf von Sachsenhausen +1371 (Frankfurt), Graf von Katzenelnbogen +1370 (Wiesbaden-Biebriech),
Tombstones form England: Sir Edwar Dalinrugge 1386, Sir Thomas Cheyne 1368, William de Breyene 1395, Edmund Peacock 1400

This mount contains four fastening pins 1 cm long. 

You can order other versions of this mount: silvered, gold-plated and enameled. We offer you various colour of enamel: white, yellow, red, dark red, blue, darkblue, black.  

We sell this mount only with whole belts.

Available silver and gold plated versions (realization time: 2 weeks)

Size: A - 5 cm, B - 5 cm, D - 0,7 cm.

22,00 €
Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1250-1330
Size : A-3 cm, B-5 cm, C-5,5 cm, D-4,5 cm
Source: Grave find dated on 3rd quarter of 13th
cent. from Frankfurt on Mein, Germany.
Dated: 1250-1400
Size: A-4 cm, D-0,5cm
Source: Fitting based on iconography from
a gravestone of Silesian Duke Henry IV Probus.
Dated: 1300-1400
Size: A - 3,3 cm, D- 0,4 cm
Source: Iconography - tombstones. Temple Church of London
Dated: 1340-1450
Size: A-5,3 cm B-8,5 cm
Source: Iconography - gravestone of Wilhelm von Bobfinger and others - Otto's von Orlamunde tombstone.
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