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KS-084 Medieval knife with wooden handle
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KB 023S Knight Belt - Enameled- Regulated - 113 cm - ON STOCK
Availability: for order - up to 4 weeks
Belt is compound of 24 segmental mounts (19 pcs + 4 pcs on removal element + 1pc on second element), laid on gross leather belt ( sewed by hand ) with another one thiner. Seaw of a exterior belt goes inside, back side has a fastener with shutter.
Mounts are based on iconography of sculptures and tombstones: Henry Fitzroger - dated 1387, Johann I von Wertheim - dated 1407, Robert de Freville - dated 1400, Thomas de Freville - dated 1400, Edward Dalynrugge - dated 1386

Notices: 2 additional elements: 5 and 10 cm long. (only longer shown on the photo)

Lenght: 113cm (max. size with two additional elements)

Width: 5,5 cm

Material: brass, natural leather, enamels

660,00 €
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