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047N Medieval belt - 14 - 15th century
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AH-20S.6 Medieval helmet - "Hundsgugel" bascinet - 75-76 cm - ON STOCK
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This is a most popular type of heavy cavalry helmet from around 1400AD. The helmet has one central hinge, also used to detach the visor – it is a typical construction for the early form of this kind of helmets.

The helmet has holes along the lower edge to sew the padding inside and round bolts to hang the aventail.

Dated: ca. 1370-1410

Weight: ca. 3050 g

Material: 2mm C45 steel, tempered

Inside circumference: ca 75-76cm cm

Source: Pattern on original piece from Coburg Castle in Germany
390,00 €
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Small D-shaped buckle for shoes, garters etc.
Dated: 1250-1500
Size: A-1,1 cm (0,4''); B-1,7 cm (0,6''); C-1,3 cm (0,5'')
Source: a find from England. R. Whitehead, Buckles.
Thick leather strap
Width: 5 mm x 3 mm
Length: 50 - 60 cm
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