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M-98 Belt mount or scabbard mount "Fleur de Lys" - medium
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AH-16S Bascinet - Klappenvisier - "Sitten" - 67cm - ON STOCK
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The helmet has holes along the lower edge to sew the padding inside and round bolts to hang the aventail.

Dated: ca. 1350-1380

Weight: 2600 g

Material: C-45 steel - tempered

Inside circumference: 67 cm

Source: Musee Valeria Sitten, Switzerland
325,00 €
Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1250-1400
Size: Inner diameter: 2,2 cm; External diameter: 2,9 cm
Source: Archeological find from Cracow, analogous finds from Poland and England.
Dated: 1250-1500
Size : 1 cm (diameter); 1,3 cm (length)
Source: Archeological find from castle Karlstejn in Czech Republic.
Dated: 1250-1500
Length: ca. 60 cm
Width: ca. 1 cm
Buckle: B-014
Dated: 1250-1500
Length: ca. 60 cm
Width: ca. 1,5 cm
Buckle: B-106
Weight: ca. 900 g (one greave)
Material: 1mm C45 steel, tempered, brass (buckles)
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