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S-007 Forked spacer strapend
16,00 €
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P-033 Medieval stoneware jug - big
Availability: for order - up to 8 weeks
Stoneware jug

Dating: 1380-1500

Height: ca. 22 cm

Outflow diameter: ca. 8 cm

Capacity: ca. 1,8 l

Source: Archeological find from Germany (Siegburg). Analogical finds from Germany, England and Poland (Kołobrzeg)

Concrete items of this pottery can have very small differences in size, capacity or outflow shape.
40,00 €
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Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Small strapend for scabbard.
Dated: 14-15 cent.
Details: lenght: 5cm width: 1,7cm height: 1,1cm
Dating: 1350-1500
Height: ca. 24-25 cm
Upper diameter: ca. 5-6 cm
Capacity: ca 0,6 l
Max diameter: 8 cm
Source: Archeological find from Germany.
Analogical finds from western, northern and central Europe.
Dating: 1350-1500
Height: ca. 7-8 cm
Diameter: ca. 16 cm
Source: Archeological find from Germany.
Analogical finds from western and central Europe.
Dated: 1350-1400
Width: 2 cm
Length: ca. 160 cm
Color: black
Mounts: Yes - M-33 x 23, M-41 x 31, M-29 x 7
Fittings: Buckle from Gdansk and strapend from Italy.
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