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St-44 Buckle and strapend set for Houppelande belt
27,00 €
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BD-032 Arrows
Availability: for order - up to 20 days
Dated: 1400-1500

Finding place: London, Salisbury, Canterbury

Details: h. 50mm

Meaning: probably a heraldic badge of Arthur, Prince of Wales (1486-1502) descending from his mother, Catherine of Aragon. Motif of sheaf of arrows is popular in heraldy. Sometimes more arrows are pictures (for example 24, which was the number of arrows possesed by fully armed English archer ) It may be also a badge for participants of some archery contest as two of the arrows are blunt practice-arrows.
6,00 €
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Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1300-1400
Details: height: 17mm; width: 9mm
Mount in the shape of the "S" letter
Gothic majuscule - the type face of the 14 century
Dated: 1300-1500
Finding place: Holland, England, France, Germany
Details: h: 41mm w.: 29mm
Dated: 1350-1500
Width: 2 cm
Dated: 1250-1350
Width: 1,5 cm
Dated: 1350-1650
Size : A-2,4cm; C-3,4cm; D-5,6 cm
Source: Find from England, R. Whitehead "Buckles".
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