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St-44 Buckle and strapend set for Houppelande belt
27,00 €
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BD-015 Happy devil (Wild man)
Availability: ON STOCK
Dated: 1325-1450

Finding place: Ieper (Ypres – Holland), Nieuwlande, Amsterdam

Details: h.:38mm w.: 28mm

Meaning.: wild man (originally that is the name of this pattern) symbolize great sex power. It can also mean (when carried by a man ) a wild person looking for a lady to civlize him. This pattern is replica of finding from Ieper (original comes from years 1325-1375)
6,00 €
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Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1350-1450
Size: A-1,7 cm, B-2,5 cm, C-2,7 cm, D-7,8 cm
Source: a find from England
R.Whitehead, "Buckles"
Dated: 1250-1400
Size : Inner diameter: 2 cm; Height: 3 cm; Lenght: 4,3 cm
Source: A find from England.
Dated: 1250-1450
Color: Light brown
Stamping: St-03 "Fleur-de-Lis" from London excavations
Lenght: ca. 66 cm
Width: ca. 1,3 cm
Buckle: B-16 + buckle plate + strapend
Wooden arrow - small
Length: 40 cm
Material: ash wood
Dated: 1250-1500
Size : A - 2,6 cm (length)
Price for 1 pc.
Material: brass
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