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St-44 Buckle and strapend set for Houppelande belt
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BD-004 Cock and hen
Dated: 1375-1450
Finding place:Holland
Details:h.:h.:30mm w.:50mm
6,00 €
BD-006 Pissing monkey
Dated: 1300-1500
Finding place: Anglia, Dordrecht, Reimerswaal
Details: h.:45mm w.:35mm
6,00 €
BD-008 Letter "A"
Dated: 1375-1500
Finding place: England, Holland (Reimerswaal), Germany
Details: h.:37mm w.: 30mm
6,00 €
BD-009 Lion
Dated: 1375-1450
Finding place: Holland, England, Germany
Details: h.:37mm w.:33mm
6,00 €
BD-011  St.Iosse (Jodocus, Judocus?)
Dated: 1350-1500
Finding place: Germany, France, Holland
Place of provenance: St. Josse-sur-Mer (France)
Details: h.:69mm w.:34mm
6,00 €
BD-017 Thomas Becket
Dated: 1350-1500
Finding place: Rotterdam, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nieuwlande, Veere, Heijst
place of provenance: Canterbury (England)
Details: h.:62mm w.: 27mm
6,00 €
BD-019 Hand with heart pierced
Dated: 1350-1400
Finding place:Amsterdam
Details: h.: 43mm w.: 36mm
6,00 €
BD-020 Crowning of penis
Dated: 1375-1425
Finding place: 's - Hertogenbosch
Details: h.: 30mm w.: 24mm
6,00 €
BD-021 Penis being grilled by family
Dated: 1375-1425
Finding place: Amsterdam
Details: h.: 49mm w.: 42mm
6,50 €
BD-025 St. Adrian
Dated?: 1400-1525
Finding place: many places in France, Germany, Holland
Place of provenance: Geraardsbergen (Holland)
Details: h.: 78mm w.: 43mm
6,50 €
BD-026 St.Jacob’s shell
Dated: 1300-1500
Finding place: whole Europe
Place of provenance: Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Details: h.: 41mm w.: 30mm
6,00 €
BD-027 Cross
Dated: 1300-1400 (?)
Finding place: Gdańsk (Poland)
Details: h.:52mm w.:32mm
6,00 €
BD-030 St. Eligius
Dated: 1200-1300
Finding place: Ieper, Dordrecht, London
Place of provenance?: Noyon, St.Eloi monastery (France)
Details: h.:47mm w.38mm
6,00 €
BD-031 St. Sebastian
Dated: 1400-1450
Finding place: ’s-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tolsende, Nieuwlande
Place of provenance?: Rome (?)
Details: h.:45mm w.26mm
6,00 €
BD-033 St.Guilhem/Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert
Dated: 1150-1250 (?)
Finding place: London
Place of provenance?: Saint-Guilhem-Le-Desert (Gellone - France)
Details: h.:40mm w.36mm
6,00 €
BD-037 Hawking
Dated: 1350-1400
Finding place: London
Details: h.:45mm w.45mm
6,00 €
BD-038 Jug with flowers
Dated: 1350-1500
Finding place: Amsterdam, Nieuwlande, Dordrecht
Details: h.:47mm w.34mm
6,00 €
BD-040 Charlemagne
Dated: 1250-1425
Finding place: Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen, Zierikize, London
Place of provenance?: Aachen (Germany)
Details: h.:42mm w.41mm
6,00 €
BD-042 St. Andrew Apostle
Dated: 1450-1500
Finding place: Sluis
Place of provenance?: St. Andrews (Scotland)
Details: h.: 67mm w.:40mm
6,50 €
BD-045 Mermaid
Dated: 1400-1450
Finding place: Paris (France)
Details: h.:40mm w.:45mm
6,00 €
BD-046 Hunting penis
Dated: 1375-1425
Finding place: 's-Hertogenbosh (Holandia)
Details: h.:30mm w.:30mm
6,00 €
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